"There is no such thing as luck.  Luck is preparation meeting Opportunity."


I have been preparing for this moment my whole life. The short version is this, I was a college athlete turned college coach who had always battled my weight.  This led me to become a fitness competitor/professional with a passion for Nutrition and the Biochemistry of the body. Post competitions, I suffered from hormonal imbalances and injuries that resulted in an even deeper dive in the Science of the body,  in desperate search of the optimal wellness I had known in my younger years.  This is when I stumbled across my first book written by bestselling author and brilliant neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter.   With this brief

introduction into the world of Functional medicine and its systemic approach to the body and health, I was hooked! 

Over the next 2 years I studied every piece of information I could get my hands on...(Detoured a bit but never detered)

 My path then took me down the road to the adoption of my RockStar Son, a cervical spinal fusion, a yoga certification in Costa Rica, and a full blown obsession with solving the riddle of

INFLAMMATION.   Screaming from the rooftops about GUT HEALTH!!!

 I even started a Bone Broth Company locally with another World Changing Bestie of mine... Woo Hoo Bone Broth!!! Side Bar, I did run into another health crisis that resulted in autoimmune issues and metabolic dysfunction, which only made my pursuit for knowledge even more feverish!!!  Feeling the need to get people out of the gyms and into HEALTH, I started my own Wellness program based on a systemic approach to the body! An education based program applying the principles of Nutrition science and biochemistry to promote total movement, stress reduction and better sleep quality!   Fast forward, Two years later I found The Institute of Functional Medicine Coaching Academy... And Now Here I am finding YOU!

 All of that to tell you...

My preparation has met my opportunity!  I am here for you No matter what your goal... And I am coming with my bag of tricks!





The truth is there are all kinds of coaches out there.  To be honest, I have been a college athletics coach, a Strength and Conditioning coach, a Fitness coach, a Health and wellness coach and Now a Functional Medicine Health coach.  I tell you this because I believe coaching is not about the subject matter, it's about the ability to help individuals implement change and keep moving in the right direction.  A great coach should not tell you what to do, they should teach you the importance of why doing that thing matters.    What sets apart a good coach from a great one? I believe it is the ability to truly focus on each individual and come up with strategies that are unique to that person specifically.  It is listening and learning each person's story and helping them to take what is already great in them and apply that to whatever it is the challenge may be.  My favorite quote from one of my clients is that I "find a way to sneak into his closet and grab something to use to help him moving forward!".  I love that... It means I am doing my job! So, the question is... Am I the coach for you?  Well, only If you are looking for help solving Health issues~ You want to lose weight and get fit~ You want to sleep better or be less stressed~ You want to thrive mentally, physically and emotionally!  If you would like to enjoy your life and kick ass at it... Give me a call, and we can see if we are a good fit!



One on one Functional Medicine coaching sessions focusing on lifestyle design to address and prevent health challenges promoting overall wellness and longevity.  I am here to help you establish a plan of action to reclaim your health and put the pieces in place to live your happiest healthiest life!  Whether your goals are to live a pain free life at your appropriate weight with better quality sleep,  or to run triathlons and perform at your highest level in extremely high stress environments... Online or in person, I promise you I can help!!!  



Long gone are the days of eating less and working out more!  That is an old model and if I am going to be honest, it is a myth!  Walking Wellness is a program I developed to address the WHOLE person and not just the Body.  It is a science based systemic approach to health, wellness and fitness.  Focusing on Nutrition, total body movement, stress reduction, and sleep allows the body and brain to return to balance while incorporating resistance training and yoga practice to encourage optimal wellness and performance.


Group workshops focusing on topics ranging from Gut Health and inflammation to Stress reduction and sleep hygiene.  Other topics include OZONE therapy, Detoxification,  Exercise and Recovery to name just a few.  Offering practical and effective techniques to live a life of optimal health.


Inspiring and educating people is my passion!  The world is a much happier, healthier and productive place when its inhabitants are inspired!!!  Groups big or small from  high school classrooms to  corporate lunchrooms have a far greater potential to excel when feeling inspired.   Let me help you get the most from your team by sharing some of my passion to inspire!



Before working with Rhonda I was struggling with the effects of Hashimoto Thyrioditis; brain fog, lack of concentration, lack of motivation, depression, weight gain that didn't seem to budge and overall just completely out of touch with my body and brain. I had started a workout program months prior, and while I was feeling better and getting stronger, the scale didn't change by much. I went to Endocrinologists, they all said my levels were "normal," I started to feel like I should accept this is just how the post-baby, mid-thirties "new me" was going to be. That this must be what it feels like to get older; no energy, no brain clarity (I was literally forgetting things left and right, seconds after I would try to remind myself of them), and extra lbs that just don't move. 
 A friend recommended I speak with Rhonda. WOW - things changed.  After a mere 4 weeks - I have lost 10lbs with what feels like very little effort!  She gets it, and She takes the time to get you!   She tailors realistic, tangible solutions to how you can incorporate this shift in lifestyle.  She's a ball of energy, knowledge, compassion, support and extremely committed to her cleints... She's real! 

I'm still in shock at how much the last 4 weeks have changed my life, I'm clearer, I have more energy, I'm running after my toddler at playgrounds, playing, jumping, laughing, with little effort and full energy, I'm present again, I feel like I'm in control again of my body and life. I feel like I'm getting back to the "ME" I know myself to be - and that is truly invaluable.

Cassie Lukeris





My Brain Babies....


3 Sets of step back lunges 10 on each leg


I am obsessed with Cauliflower rice sprinkled with shredded almond cheese... It reminds me of old school MAC N' CHEESE!


Download the Headspace App or the Calm App today!!!  It will open the door to a new mindfulness practice we can start together!



GRATEFUL🌟⚡️🌟⚡️!!! Gratitude is A word


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