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Hey there Beautiful,

I have been waiting to talk to you FOREVER! I know YOU are looking over your shoulder right now, but I am talking to YOU! My name is Rhonda and this is my site... Hopefully a place you will go to to learn some stuff and maybe get a little inspiration from time to time. My passion is helping and educating as many human beings as I possibly can in my short 100 years on this spinning rock!

I want you to understand that I may say things that YOU may like or won't like,

that you agree or disagree with, that inspire you or inspire fear in you, but just intention is ALWAYS GOOD! My intention is always to make YOUR LIFE and YOUR WORLD a better place!

I believe that change is one of the hardest things that I person can be challenged to do!

That said, I believe helping people to incorporate changes in themselves, and in the world is what I WAS MADE TO DO!!!

I live my life under the LOVE AND KINDNESS code, and I assure you that If by chance I offend you in some way... Just know I love ya!!!

I felt that my first post ought to be an introduction because this site will span a lot of different subjects and perspectives and I want US to get to know each other!

Thanks so much or joining me for the ride!

Much Love~




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