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Why We Sleep is blowing My Mind!!!

I am halfway through the book Why We Sleep by Dr. Mathew Walker. It is a groundbreaking book focusing on the underutilized and (somewhat) disrespected tool that we all possess the ability to take advantage of! In a world where we are all constantly trying to get every advantage possible to be as healthy as we can, as smart as we can, as successful as we can... We are dropping the ball on this one Ya'll. I (like you), always knew I felt better after a night of sleep, and (thought) I understood the value of getting my son to bed on time, but after reading the science of sleep I am in awe of its power and capabilities. I am also in utter terror of the consequences of not getting enough sleep and I am now going to be shouting even louder from my soap box, "GET SOME SLEEP YA"LL!". What I really hope to pass along is that your sleep cycles through many processes in an eight hour cycle but that they are all equally important and serve many different functions. For starters, Did you know that your DEEP (NON) REM sleep collects all of your memories of the day, and that your REM sleep actually infuses them and integrates them with all the other experiences and memories that you have stored in your brain? Crazy right?!?! Apparently, this is why they say "sleep on it"... Stuff just makes more sense in the morning right??? Well people, ITS TRUE! While you are in REM, your brain goes all 'six steps to Kevin Bacon' on all the information you collected yesterday! The problem is, most of your REM comes at the end of your sleep cycle, so if you are getting up at 4:30 a.m. to Crush a Fit Camp or cram for a test... You will most likely CUT THAT REM OFF. Unfortunately, you may be doing your brain and body more harm than good! Being more mindful about getting to sleep by 9:00 will help if that is your plan, but you still gotta ROCK that deep sleep early in the night...

So get your blue blockers on at 7:00 and get off your screens as early as you can to get your melatonin to start this incredibly humbling process of Sleep!!! With this undeniable science, I will be moving sleep into the first slot of MY PILLARS OF WELLNESS, strongly trailed by Nutrition, Exercise, and Stress Reduction. Let's face it, They are all a team, without one doing its part, they will all fall down.

Sleep well, blood sugar stays in check and you are not hungry (YAY), Eat poorly your blood sugar stays elevated (UGH), in turn, you are exhausted and crave JUNKIER food... see what I mean??? Stay tuned for lots more sleep tips and check out the TED talk from Author Mathew Walker (posted here), but I encourage EVERYONE to read this book as it is a TEXT that should be utilized by Parents, Organizations, Healthcare systems, Corporations and especially School systems! Love Ya'll... Now, Get some sleep!



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